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Myths vs Reality : Exercise

“The happiest man on this planet is the man gifted with the best metabolism,” said a wise

man. (Read yours truly, the author of this blog.)

Obesity: One of the deadliest and the most ignored diseases in the modern world!

No, it is NOT OK to walk around with that extra belly fat... Do something about it... Now!

Statistics show that India is not far behind the developing countries and unfortunately

show epidemic proportions of obesity.

My personal motto is simple: “Eat clean and train dirty”.

It has been medically proven that a healthy diet contributes 70% to staying fit and 30% is

the share for your workout routine. We shall talk about the 70% some other time, but

today we shall discuss the 30%.

The biggest workout myth

The biggest myth about exercise or workout is assuming that you would be fine without

a regular one. Let me share my personal point of view. With a receding hairline and

reading glasses just around the corner, hitting the gym regularly makes me feel as young

as anyone else! So, 40s are the new 20s if you exercise often.

Having spent 8 years in my 30s out of India, I have realized that working out is not optional

and should be an integral part of my lifestyle. So, if you are convinced that workout is

essential, read on to know more about the myth vs reality of working out!

At FittQ we believe that if one person decides to exercise after reading this blog, we have achieved our purpose!

Myth: Working out in the gym will only enhance your physical strength.

Reality: Studies have shown that the brain of a professional athlete functions a whopping 84% better than a non-athlete. So, if you want to excel in your studies or professional

life you must work out!

Myth: Weight training is only for bodybuilders.

Reality: Although cardiovascular exercises are important, weight training is as

important as running on a treadmill or cycling for hours. The amount of fat burnt in

cardio is much less than a well-planned weight training session. So, don’t fool yourself

with those dripping dry-fit T-shirts after a 2km run. Start lifting those weights!

Myth: If I play soccer or cricket on weekends, I do not need to work out.

Reality: If you play over weekends, you need to spend more time at the gym to stay fit

and keep your joints in shape. So, hit the gym at least three times a week to perform

better on the sports ground among your peers.

Myth: I do not have enough time to hit the gym or to work out.

Reality: Even 15 minutes of intense workout in a day would do wonders for your body and confidence levels. If you live on higher floors in your apartment, take the stairs up and down for just 15 minutes! It is as good as using the stepper machine in the gym for 15 minutes.

Myth: One should hit the gym every day.

Reality: Your body needs to rest and allow your muscles to cool down. Skipping rest means that once you get back to the grind, your muscle fibres will be too worn out to grow. For best results, take a day or two off each week.

Myth: I do not need a personal trainer.

Reality: Have you ever wondered why personal trainers’ fees is five times that of your monthly gym membership? Believe me you, they bring the best out of you! Qualified personal trainers know ways to push you to your limits and bring you out of your comfort zone. If you are happy lifting 10kg, a personal trainer would make you lift 20kg and you would start feeling much happier and confident about yourself. So, if you have that extra cash, spend on personal trainers at the gym instead of buying expensive clothes or gadgets! Health is wealth after all. Get personal trainers on

Myth: Morning workouts are the best workouts.

Reality: According to a study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, you’ll perform your best if you hit the gym around 04:00 pm. Plus, if you hit the gym at this time, you’ll be out of there before the place gets unbearably congested with the rush-hour crowd. During evenings your body is warm, there is enough food in your stomach to give you the energy that you need to burn extra calories in the evenings.

Myth: To gain more muscles, you need to lift heavy weights.

Reality: Researchers tested two groups of lifters. One group lifted heavy weights (75 to 90 percent of one-rep max for 8 to 12 reps), while another lifted light (30 to 50 percent at 20 to 25 reps). At the end of the time frame, participants from both groups gained the same amount—on average, about 1 KG of muscles. So, if you don’t have a spotter, don’t worry about maxing out. Just reduce the weight and do a boatload of reps instead.

Myth: You should do your cardio first.

Reality: It’s nice to get your cardio out of the way at the start. But strength training and lifting uses anaerobic energy (brief bursts that don’t require extra oxygen intake) while cardio uses aerobic energy (long-lasting energy that requires additional oxygen intake). Generally speaking, using aerobic energy tires you out more than using anaerobic energy, so you should save exercises that require it until the end of your routine.

Myth: Yoga is not a work out.

Reality: People who write off yoga probably have an image of yoga as series of gentle stretches — they clearly haven't taken a tough yoga class. While there are some blissfully relaxing yoga classes out there, tougher can definitely leave you sweaty, sore, and satisfied.

In closing, I would like to reiterate that a good combination of sports and regular workout will do wonders for your confidence! In the country I stayed in for eight years, every single kid took two sports – one individual and one team sport from the age of 8. If you are a parent of a school-going child plan for both of you and stay healthy, stay fit!

To succeed we must first believe that we can. Follow the lead. Follow us.

With right approach and guidance of our experts you can turn your age 10 years back within 3 months. This is our #10yearchallenge to you !

Build your Fitness Quotient with FittQ !


This blog is written by Pritam Sarnobat, Engineer & MBA by education and Accidental Salesman by profession. Globe traveler, Squash challenger, Sports enthusiast and free spirited fitness blogger.

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