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Successful Self-Transformation Story in his own words
Today I completed the Half Marathon (21km) successfully.

On 4th October 2017, I had a near fatal accident while performing Firefox adventure sports on a family vacation. I fell from a height of almost 40ft and almost lost an eye and had multiple skull fractures. 

I had a successful career in Marketing and was in my comfort zone. With this accident everything got devastated in fraction of seconds, at least that is what I thought for the moment. 

Though, I was blessed to have great support from my family, friends and most importantly my wife. 

The impact of accident was not only physical but it affected my perception about the comfort zone. I accepted it positively, soon I quit my well paying job and jumped into long cherished dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

The accident underlined the importance of being fit for me. I decided to teach the same to people at large and that's when FittQ was born. 

Being fit is not a destination but a journey. I have run many marathons before, but this one is special as it is the first after my accident. I realised that it doesn't matter how hard you fall but what matters is how quickly you rebound. 

FittQ is a great resource if you are looking for building your fitness. We are aggregator for various kind of Physical and Mind Trainers. We are a huge team of experts. In past 1 year we have provided fitness in more than 35 companies, have helped more than 100 individuals to get fit through diet and exercise support, we serve Pan India and serve you on your location as per your time. Just Whatsapp your query on 9892866356.

Remember in your fitness journey, you are not alone. We have big plans ahead for you.


• Apurva Naik, a family man, with a loving wife and a 4yo son

• Author of upcoming book, “The Fitness Quotient Revolution"

• He is an expert of Naturopathy. A certified Life Coach. He has Internationally Accredited Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition Science accredited by CPD Certification Service, UK.

• Besides this he is also an ardent lover of Ayurveda. He also runs Ayurveda medicine company with brand called “YogAarit”. Under “YogAarit” there are several medicines which cure the lifestyle disorders.

• He has 15yrs of experience working in corporate in strategic marketing.

• He has his routes grounded in Spirituality


FittQ is No.1 fitness service provider. 

FittQ is built by joint efforts of doctors, fitness scientists, corporate trainers.

We are devoted to work along with you to help you achieve your desired fitness goals.

Fitness Quotient.

We have unique parameter to understand Fitness level, "Fitness Quotient".

You achieve your fitness goal when your Fitness Quotient is improved. 

At FittQ we believe in holistic fitness.

Our approach towards fitness is holistic.

We believe that fitness comes from Right Diet, Right Body workout and Right Mind workout.

FittQ Mentors are your guide.

You are not alone on the journey of improving your Fitness Quotient. 

Fitness Quotient Certificate.

We help you to know your current Fitness Quotient.

We work along with you to build and improve your Fitness Quotient.

FittQ Corporate Wellness Programme.

FittQ Corporate wellness programme is meticulous and result oriented.

We customize the wellness programme as per the need of corporate.


Our Vision

Happy Family

Making fitness and health reachable to every individual

Giving a Speech

To make your company a 'Great place to work'

Outdoor Aerobics

To create career opportunities for fitness lovers

Our Mission (2020-21)

To make lives of 10000 individuals fitter 

To transform lives of employees of 100 companies

To generate career opportunities for 1000 fitness lovers

Wish to join us as FittQ Guru?

Please feel free to reach out by filling out the form below or check out our FAQ’s Section Here.

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Years of collective experience






Fitness Programmes

No. 1

Corporate Wellness Programme

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