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Mental health is the most important factor in determining Fitness Quotient

n these pandemics and the lockdown followed and #workfromhome it is affecting everyone more mentally than physically. Remember though we are isolated, you are not alone.

FittQ brings an amazing Mental Health series to build the Mindfulness Quotient. #UnlockMindfulness
Please take the following test to know your mental health score. Forward this to your HR and colleague. If you are HR then please forward it to your employees to know their mental health.

As an employer / HR personnel you need to be on your toes to bring mental health to your most important asset, the employees now.

These are testing times. Your employees' health and mental health was never more important than today.

FittQ presents unique Mental Health Therapy Sessions and  Mental Health Talks on various topics.

Take following test and ask your employees / colleagues also to take it. 

1 lb = 0.45 kgs

For a FittQ Mental Health session in your organisation

Thanks! Message sent.

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