Employee Mental Health was never MORE important than today

The news of the versatile actor Sushant Singh Rajput committing suicide is very demotivating during such times. The actor performed many inspiring roles in the past and in one movie he also promoted life and condemned the very act of suicide. So when such actor commits suicide it becomes more miserable news.

Increased suicidal tendencies

Current pandemics, lockdown and economic slowdown because of that and continuous fear about the health is a lethal mixture for increased suicidal tendencies, depression, poor mental health illness in the society and in the corporate world.

What is your Mental Health Quotient?

Answer the following questions to know:

1. Are you feeling stressed right now?

2. Do you feel lonely sometimes?

3. Do you have regret of the past and/or fear of the future?

4. Do you see no way out in the current situation?

5. Do you feel sad/angry/cheated/dejected/scared/crying?

6. Is there no friend/relative/colleague you can talk to about your situation?

7. Are you not sleeping well?

8. Are you not exercising lately?

Please take following test https://bit.ly/2BZPPrS to know your mental health score. Forward this to your HR and colleague. If you are HR then please forward it to your employees to know their mental health.

As an employer / HR personnel you need to be on your toes to bring mental health to your most important asset, the employees now.

These are testing times.

Your employees health and mental health was never more important than today.

About 800,000 people die by suicide worldwide every year of these 135,000 (17%) are residents of India, a nation with 17.5% of world population. Suicide was the most common cause of death in both the age groups of 15–29 years and 15–39 years. (Source: Wikipedia)

Mental health is the main reason for the suicide. But this does not mean that people who suicide are cowardly and choose easy way out. As per psychologists this way is also not easy, so when someone is on the fence of suicide and struggling with poor mental health do not label them as cowards. Rather there are many simple ways with which you can help them to be out of these suicidal tendencies. These people are very silently asking for help so you need to be very attentive about understanding the suicidal tendencies in your near and dear ones.

Increase and improve your communication with the employees

o Create more than one opportunity to interact with the employees

o Choose and create ways to get feedback from the employees

Openly discuss about importance of mental health in the organization

o Create mental health awareness week

o Share mailers about improving mental health

As an employer know your employee in and out

o Has your employee turned silent lately?

o Is s/he worried about anything

Observe small changes in the behavior of the employee.

o You always asked about her/his physical health, now ask for the mental health too.

o Ask question to the person, person's superior/subordinates, family

Remember you can always achieve that target next year

o Targets can be achieved next year the human life is more important than that.

o Work on the work stress by controling the work stress from the top

Organise FittQ Online Yoga for the employees

o Yoga and Meditation is best solution to mental health issues.

o FittQ has amazing, experienced trainers who give Online Training during these times to various corporates.

Organise FittQ mental health sessions for the employees

o Best way to tackle mental health issues is by deliberately providing Employee Assistance sessions to the employees

o FittQ has excellent psychotherapists with expertise in corporate mental health

Create occasions of celebrations, appreciations, happiness for the employees

o Create exciting online engagement games / opportunities (FittQ can definitely help you in ideation and execution, end to end)

o Celebrate birthdays and other occasions of the employees online

Suicide Prevention Helplines In India | Awareness is the key

The anonymity of the caller is completely observed by them. You can share these details with the employees.

FittQ requests you that whatever is the situation you can always turn it in your favour. Just breathe and calm down yourself. Remember awareness is the key.

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