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Meditation is simple way to kill stress and you can do it anywhere, even while in the flight

Yes. You read it right.

First of all its simple and secondly you can do it anywhere, whether you are in the flight, train, bus or walking on the street, after waking up, before sleeping, at client’s office or even in the midst of important business meet.

If your corporate life or home life is stressful making you anxious, tense and continuously worried then try meditation. Even if outer circumstances are not in your control and you have to manage your way through a very chaotic situation you can restore your calm and inner peace within few minutes through meditation.

Most importantly anyone can do from any age, gender, religion and its free of cost and it doesn’t require any equipment.

Meditation is not a new concept:

Meditation is an age old concept practiced by many in ancient India. Its basic purpose it to align with the oneself and understand one’s life purpose. Now a days, Meditation largely used for relaxation and stress relief.

What happens in Meditation:

Against popular belief, you do not stop thinking while doing the meditation. Rather you welcome each thought and see it with a detachment, thus you actually get your mind into a stress free, tranquil mode. Thus your mental and physical wellbeing is achieved.

Is Meditation really helpful?

It gives you instant tranquility, mental peace which impacts your emotional well being and health at large.

It makes you ready for any kind of stress in life. Meditation is semi-sleep and even better than your regular sleep, and similarly like sleep it recharges you.

· It builds your self-awareness

· It gives you great perspective in any stressful situation

· Helps you to focus on present

· Fills you with positivity and removes negativity

· Builds your tolerance level

· Improves your creativity

· Those who meditate fall rarely ill

· Helps you in illness like stress, anxiety, blood pressure, heart problems, sleep disorders, menstruation problems, focus issues

There are various types of meditation which you can follow from Guided Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Omkar Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation (meditation with open eyes), Music Meditation, Light Meditation, Breathing control Mediation etc (We will have detail about types of meditations in a separate blog).

Certain types require a specific settings and environment for meditation but once you understand the meditation you can do it literally anywhere and under any circumstances.

How to do anywhere meditation?

Here we are talking about the Meditation that you can do under any circumstances.

First of all, don’t let the thought of perfection add a stress to your meditation. Its simple and you can do it on your own.

Initially you can do it as discipline or by reminding yourself but slowly it becomes a habit and a natural thing to you.

Following are quick tips to do meditation anywhere and on your own:

Initially prompt yourself to get into a meditation then slowly you would know when you need to.

· Deep breathing: Concentrate on feeling as you inhale and exhale. Breathe deeply and slowly. When your attention wanders, gently return your focus to your breathing.

· Be aware about your body: While breathing be aware about your body. The noise, pain anything in your body. Be a spectator.

· Mantra repeatations: Keep chanting.

· Meditate while walking: Keep breathing deeply or chanting while walking and give attention to your body movements.

· Prayers: Build your faith. Build your own motivational lines which you can use while open eyes meditation and repeat them.

· Written Text: Keep your written text ready and keep reading and reflecting on that.

· Gratitude: Be grateful to each day. Give attention to miracles happening around you. Understand that each day is special each event is special and also value the cause and effect relation of the situation.

Don’t compete, not even with yourself:

Remember your mind will wander and your brain will want to keep you away from any kind of discipline. So be vulnerable. Whenever your mind wanders during meditation, and thoughts start troubling you slowly return to the initial point, feeling you were focusing on.

Keep on experimenting in variety of situations and you will respect the wonders it make for your own good.

There is no right or wrong in meditation:

Yes. There is no right or wrong. What matters is what you feel and your expression of the feeling should not hurt any being. That is it.

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