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FittQ is continuously on the run. The only place that we hate to be in is the comfort zone. 

Date: 03/01/2020; Event: FittQ "Football Fitness" Programme

FittQ in collaboration with West Mumbai Football Academy brings you the "Football Fitness" programme.

Build stamina, fitness, agility, teamwork, team cohesiveness with football drills and fitness regime through football.

A trainer from FittQ will come to your place to teach you Football Fitness programme.

Try 1 hour "Football Fitness" workshop, which includes Football Drills, Actual play.



Date: 31/12/2019; Event: FittQ : The year that was !

FittQ wishes Happy New Year 2020 to everyone.

The year 2019 was superb. FittQ was lucky to serve many corporates in this year.

We thank everyone who supported us in 2019 and hope we continue to get similar support in the new year.

FittQ is striving to create a holistic wellness ecosystem for corporate world at work and at home.



Date: 15/12/2019; Event: FittqChallenge: New Year New You. Get fit and win Rs 500

It’s that time of the year when we make the New Year Resolution. Every year we make new year resolution to be fit and take care of our health. We start with great zeal but after few days we miserably fail in the resolution.

But not this year, as FittQ is there with you to help you stay strong with your resolution.

Obesity is a big problem and it opens gate to many health issues like heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure etc. It puts heavy cost on you for doctor and medicines.

Remember precaution is better than cure.

FittQ launches a “New Year New You FittQChallenge”, a “8 – week Transformation” challenge.

Enroll before 10th January 2020 to get huge discounts on diet plans.

This is not all, on losing minimum 5kgs win Rs. 500



Date: 16/12/2019; Event: FittQ: Self Defence Programme for Women

Are women safe in India?
This is a not a question to be asked but a statement to evoke an action in you. We are a great nation with thousands of years of culture, which respects women. However, are women really safe? Let us take action towards it and make our work and living spaces safe for women.

FittQ is launching a self-defence programme for women.

This programme, is carefully crafted to make corporate and group of women strong mentally and physically under any kind of attacking or harassment situations.

The programme teaches important techniques of mixed-martial arts to make women strong. At FittQ we believe that real women empowerment can be achieved through making each woman strong.

FittQ provides trainers for POSH as well.

Book FittQ:
WhatsApp +91 9892866356 or email

Download App:…



Date: 22/11/2019; Event: FittQ: Big Announcement on the way!

FittQ's Trainer and Diet services are now available on an App. You can book it just on a click.

Please download "Your Health-Key" to get trainers for Yoga, Zumba, physical fitness, Martial Arts, physiotherapists, psychotherapist etc.

Your Health-Key is an essential app which helps you to get all kinds of doctors and medical facilities. With FittQ becoming part of it now it offers both curative and precautionary health facilities.

Visit Health Package option to book a trainer and diet plan of FittQ.

With Your Health Key app you can manage all your health related data.

Your Health Key app is available on android. Use following link to download:…

FittQ is the biggest aggregator for all kind of trainers and fitness activation specialist.