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What is Fitness Quotient? (Take the Test now)

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You are aware of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and you keep hearing about IQ Test scores. It is used majorly to understand Intelligence which denotes potential of future growth. Similarly you have heard about Emotional Quotient (EQ) which helps predict mental makeup of an individual.

Various classifications through these tests categorize individuals. Eg in IQ Tests considering median score of 100 as average and score of 140 and above is considered genius while score of 24 and below is considered as challenged.


These tests help predict the outcomes in life. They help to predict the degree of success that an individual will attain in life.

At, with similar approach, we have developed a unique “Fitness Quotient Test”. This test can be given by any individual to understand the fitness levels at given point of time. The test shows not only the fitness condition but also gives the numerical score to understand the scope of improvement.


At, we analyse “Fitness Quotient” through 5 important parameters, Sleep, Water intake, Nutrition, Activity, Mindfulness, and Prevention.

There are different parameters to the test but excelling in all parameter and performing poorly even in single parameter is still  scope for improvement.

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