Important factors in Dieting: Sleep, Water intake, Activity, Mindfulness

When we start dieting we have entire focus on what we eat and which is very obvious but there are other important factors which also affect the process of dieting.

In this blog we are trying to give you awareness about these important factors which you should give importance to success in your dieting.

Let’s see these factors one by one:

Sleep Quotient:

For how many hours do you sleep in night?

a. 4 to 6 hours

b. 7 to 8 hours

c. 9 to 10 hours

Do you get good night sleep?

· Yes

· No

If your answer for first question is either a or c and answer for second question is ‘No’ then your sleep quantity and quality is not enough which means your body is not well rested.

You are not having a sound sleep pattern, which means you will not score up to the mark on Sleep Quotient.

Even sleeping for long hours is not a good sign and shows bad sleeping pattern.

The most immediate effect you have is heavy headedness throughout the day. Some visible signs that appear are bad condition of hair, skin, nails and eyes.

Low Sleep Quotient results in poor immunity and you will fall sick often.

Other issues related to low Sleep Quotient are:

· Weight Gain

· Affected Concentration

· Cancerous Tumours

· Sexual Problems

· Poor Mental Health

· Increased stress

· Anxiety

· Alzheimer

Sleep Quotient is related to the body clock and any imbalance in it results in poor fitness levels.

You will observe that all sport persons focus on higher Sleep Quotient to improve their performance on ground.

Sleep is very essential for our body’s recovery and repair. The R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep state or the deep sleep state is responsible for this.

Sleep pattern follows a Circadian Rhythm or body clock and hence you will find that when you work opposite of it your wellness goes for a toss.

Madhuri was a call centre employee working on night shift in Mumbai. She was 27yo, height around 5.3’ but weighed around 64kgs. When the whole Mumbai was fast asleep she was working in her office. She used to reach home by 5am and would try to sleep by then but the noises and sunlight outside would make it worse for her.

We helped her to make some important changes in lifestyle by changing her diet and helped her with a Hypnosis which helped her to great extent. She fought her obesity and became fit. FittQGurus helped her to beat the body cycle and still become fit.

Impact of poor Sleep Quotient on dieting:

If you have poor sleep quotient, then you tend to consume more calories.

Poor sleep quotient impacts 2 important hormones, Ghrelin and Leptin.

Leptin is a hormone released by fat cells to stop hunger and give fullness while Ghrelin is a hormone released by stomach to signal brain about hunger.

When you have poor sleep quotient, your body secrets more of Ghrelin and less of Leptin. Thus making you eat more and affects your dieting significantly.

Water intake Quotient:

Are you feeling thirsty right now? Do you feel thirsty at any point in a day?

· Yes

· No

Did you drink water in last 2hours?

· Yes

· No

Do you count how much water you drink daily?

· Yes

· No

If the answers of the above questions are mostly negative then there are good chances that you are dehydrated right now, and you don’t even know that.

Fatigue, joint pains, hand and legs pain, headache, throat pain, hunger, dizziness are some the effects of being dehydrated. Kidney stone and other kidney issues are extreme effects of drinking low amount of water.

We are conditioned from childhood to drink water only when we feel thirsty that we missed the very important aspect of being healthy and fit. Drinking low amount of water is a route cause of many issues in the body.

Most of the time in a day when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty and our brain deceives us into feeling of hunger.

The other visible impacts of drinking low water are on the conditions of Hair, Skin and Eyes. If you notice even slight dullness in these parts, then increase water consumption immediately. When you start drinking adequate water you start seeing immediate effect on skin and hair texture and in your overall energy levels your body ache will be gone.

Water is life. It forms around 67% of our body. It is very important for the internal wellness of our body as it safeguards our internal organs. Most of the time when the Water Intake Quotient goes down it opens Pandora’s Box for many illnesses for a person.

Simple technique to follow is deciding the quantity of water that you should drink and divide in different parts of the day. There are several Apps to help you give reminders to drink water.

How to decide exact quantity?

Ideally one should drink 4 to 6 litres of water. If you are doing regular exercise, then you should drink 6 to 8 litres of water. There is a simple method to decide this but keep in mind that you get some quantity of water through your food, fruits, juices intake as well.

The method to decide water intake:

Your Weight in Kg: 80kg

Divide this by 2/3 (67%) = 53.33

Divide this by 8 = 6.67

Which means you should drink around 6 to 7 litres of water. If you do exercise are active for 30minutes per day then add 0.30 Litres for every 30 minutes to it and so on. This is a simple method to understand your water requirements.

Impact of poor Water Intake Quotient on dieting:

Drinking water alone doesn’t help in weight loss but when you drink less water, your body gets dehydrated and you lose less weight. Mostly you tend to miss understand thirst for hunger and eat a lot of unwanted calories.

Activity Quotient:

Do you feel full of energy throughout the day?

· Yes

· No

Can you run 100 meters or climb 4 stairs at this point of time?

· Yes

· No

Are you happy with shape of your body?

· Yes

· No

If most of your answers to above questions are in negative then it’s time to wear your running shoes and hit the road.

Most of the time I here from clients that “I don’t have motivation to start the exercise.” Or “I start it with great enthusiasm but then lose the motivation after a while.” There is nothing called as “Motivation” in this universe, it is all about “Discipline”.

As the greatest Muhammad Ali quoted “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit’. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” This is nothing but Discipline.

“Discipline’’ is the key to success in life. When you find realise that you have to start it then whoever you are and whatever you are doing just get up and start. Our brain is very funny organ we will learn this when we discuss ‘Brain Reprogramming’ in the chapter ahead. Our brain just wants to safeguard us. It comes up with several reasons for why you should not do a particular thing but on the other hand when you are clear with your ‘why’ the same brain will produce infinite reasons as to why you should adapt the change.

Start with any exercise that you like may it be just walking, but make it continuously for 3 days and on 4th day your mind will buzz the internal alarm for it. Continue it for 3 weeks and it becomes a habit. Now continue this new learned habit for 3 months and it becomes a discipline.

If you are working in office i.e. in sedentary working then you are under threat to catch almost 90% of lifestyle disorders. You can simply reverse this threat by just exercising for 20 minutes a day. Sitting in office is new Smoking.

We have already discussed different types of people and why they avoid activities.

My sincere request it whoever you are just start with 20 minutes of physical activity of your choice. Perform it daily and then slowly go on increasing the intensity and duration of your activity. After a while bring variations and add more activities and you are on a new path of self-discovery. Yes Self-discovery. When you gradually go on adding intensity and duration in your exercise you understand new things about your body. Remember it all starts with baby steps.

The Activity Quotient of a person is also determined by how many hours per week are spent by her/him in any form of exercise.

Only in the initial phase you require willpower and motivation, later it is only about discipline and habit. Daily you wake up at alarm of 5am and you wear your shoes and go for the activity you have chosen. On first 3 days you feel it taxing but after that your brain accepts it. After 3 weeks it becomes a regular thing for you. Within 3 months it becomes a habit.

When you start improving your Activity Quotient, you immediately become cautious about your

Diet Quotient as well and vice-a-versa.

It is very important that you keep note of your daily activity and exercise regime. FittQGurus help you to devise a better workout plan for you. You can choose your activity and FittQGurus will help you in your journey from a Noob to a Pro.

Impact of poor Activity Quotient on dieting:

If you do only dieting and don’t add exercise to it then you lose muscle mass. Your skin and body becomes lose and fluffy.

On the other hand, good Activity Quotient helps you maintain the motivation of dieting and gives you lot of energy and tones your body.

Mind Quotient:

Have you read a book in a last week?

· Yes

· No

Do you regret any mistake of the past?

· Yes

· No

Are you worried about your future?

· Yes

· No

Do you feel like not going to work on Mondays?

· Yes

· No

If most of your answers to above questions are in negative then it’s time to work upon your Mind Quotient.

There is a theory called 20:20:20. As per this theory every morning spend 20 minutes on Physical Activity, 20 minutes of Meditation and 20 minutes of Book Reading. Yes, this is the simplest form of improving your Mind Quotient.

Involve daily on exercising and deep breathing whenever possible.

Many of the times someone’s phone rings and we start looking for our phone, this is a kind of stress that we are suffering in today’s time. In corporate world, performance matters a lot and that itself brings stress to the employee. Most of the time in corporate world in target setting your ‘What’ and ‘How’ are answered but ‘Why’ is given very low importance. In such cases the employees have huge targets to achieve but are very less equipped with why it is important to achieve.

Stress has worse impact on body which leads to anxiety, low concentration levels, low memory, bad eating habits, smoking and drinking habits, low immunity and other lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol etc.

Every employee is first a human. Besides the workload and responsibilities, he carries lot of burden on his shoulder like marital issues, parenting issues, relationship issues, illness of someone at home; his/her own health worries etc.

At FittQ we have different approach to the Mind Quotient. FittQ has certified and experienced Psychotherapists who help you give a better perspective of the situations you are going through and a better attitude towards life.

Impact of poor Mind Quotient on dieting:

When you are stressed, your body releases hormone called Cortisol. This causes you to eat more junk food and fatty food, thus totally affects your determination for dieting. Rather you tend to embrace a fad diet.

Disturbed mind tends to take support from refined food, sugary food, alcohol so further damaging the diet plan.

Now since you have understood these important factors which can affect your dieting, I sincerely request you to start working on them. Reflect on your lifestyle and each of these factors and see where you are lacking. Remember if you need the professional help then we are just a call away.

Hope you find this blog helpful and will continue to your diet plans and the journey to Fitter You.

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