Build Activity Quotient:Let's Begin The #FitIndiaMovement

With government of India focusing on fitness of citizens with initiatives like Fit India Movement its time for us to support the government and make it a success.

When it comes to exercise, we have lot of doubts and don't really understand what and where to start with.

Activity Quotient:

Do you feel full of energy throughout the day?

· Yes

· No

Can you run 100 meters or climb 4 stairs at this point of time?

· Yes

· No

Are you happy with shape of your body?

· Yes

· No

If most of your answers to above questions are in negative then it’s time to wear your running shoes and hit the road.

Most of the time I here from clients that “I don’t have motivation to start the exercise.” Or “I start it with great enthusiasm but then lose the motivation after a while.” There is nothing called as “Motivation” in this universe, it is all about “Discipline”.

As the greatest Muhammad Ali quoted “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit’. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” This is nothing but Discipline.

“Discipline’’ is the key to success in life. When you find realise that you have to start it then whoever you are and whatever you are doing just get up and start.

Our brain is very funny organ we will learn this when we discuss ‘Brain Reprogramming’ in the chapter ahead. Our brain just wants to safeguard us. It comes up with several reasons for why you should not do a particular thing but on the other hand when you are clear with your ‘why’ the same brain will produce infinite reasons as to why you should adapt the change.

Start with any exercise that you like may it be just walking, but make it continuously for 3 days and on 4th day your mind will buzz the internal alarm for it. Continue it for 3 weeks and it becomes a habit. Now continue this new learned habit for 3 months and it becomes a discipline.

If you are working in office i.e. in sedentary working then you are under threat to catch almost 90% of lifestyle disorders. You can simply reverse this threat by just exercising for 20 minutes a day. Sitting in office is new Smoking.

We have already discussed different types of people and why they avoid activities.

My sincere request it whoever you are just start with 20 minutes of physical activity of your choice. Perform it daily and then slowly go on increasing the intensity and duration of your activity. After a while bring variations and add more activities and you are on a new path of self-discovery. Yes Self-discovery. When you gradually go on adding intensity and duration in your exercise you understand new things about your body. Remember it all starts with baby steps.

The Activity Quotient of a person is also determined by how many hours per week are spent by her/him in any form of exercise.

Only in the initial phase you require willpower and motivation, later it is only about discipline and habit. Daily you wake up at alarm of 5am and you wear your shoes and go for the activity you have chosen. On first 3 days you feel it taxing but after that your brain accepts it. After 3 weeks it becomes a regular thing for you. Within 3 months it becomes a habit.

When you start improving your Activity Quotient, you immediately become cautious about your Diet Quotient as well and vice-a-versa.

It is very important that you keep note of your daily activity and exercise regime. FittQGurus help you to devise a better workout plan for you. You can choose your activity and FittQGurus will help you in your journey from a Noob to a Pro.

What are different activities?

It is important to differentiate between different types of exercise and pick the right one for improving your Activity Quotient.

FittQGurus know this better and hence they pick a right workout plan for you.

For you it is important to know that there are 2 classifications of exercise Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises based on the way body produces energy during performing them. This will help you to understand how your body burns fat and how you can build endurance, strength and power to improve your fitness.

Aerobics and Anaerobic Exercises:

Aerobics is one which requires mainly Oxygen to burn carbs and fats and generates energy for the activity. These are rhythmic exercises which are performed repetitive motions while increasing the heart rate and respiration while building the endurance.

Aerobic exercise can be performed for longer period of time.

Examples of Aerobic Exercises:

Examples are all Cardio exercises including, Walking, Running, Marathons, Tread mill run, Zumba, Cycling etc.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercises:

· Strengthens your heart

· Reduces your resting heart rate

· Improves dispersion of Oxygen in body by increasing number of red cells

· Moderately helps in weight loss along with diet plan

· Helps reduce risk of heart diseases, stroke, blood pressure, diabetes etc.

· Helps build stamina

Anaerobic exercises are those which create energy without Oxygen. In this, body breaks down carbs from blood glucose and glucose stored in muscle to produce energy. This is produced quickly without help of oxygen but in limited supply.

This energy lasts from 30sec to 4mins. You can do Anaerobic exercise for at the max 4mins only. This means you can sustain intense activity for a short period of time.

Examples of Anaerobic Exercises:

Weight lifting, sprint running, sudden jumping which requires anaerobic energy.

Benefits of Anaerobic Exercises:

· Weight loss

· Burns fat

· Improves metabolism

· Building Muscle mass

· Bone strengthening

· Builds endurance

· Improves cardiorespiratory function

· Increasing VO2 max, body’s capacity to use oxygen during exercise

Anaerobic exercises are perfect for losing weight and building fitness but are often neglected for its intensity. When Anaerobic exercises are clubbed with Quantified Balanced Diet they give amazing results by improving fitness in short time.

Many of the sports like football, volleyball need both aerobic and anaerobic energies.


Yoga is the greatest gift by India to the world. It is a guide not only for the betterment of body but for the right control of mind and soul.

Yoga is not an exercise, it is a lifestyle.

Now there are different styles of Yoga, which are mostly westernised and are somewhat different from the original Yoga by Patanjali.

Yoga Styles: Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Pre-natal Yoga (pregnant ladies), Power Yoga etc.

The most important thing in Yoga exercises is finding a right guru. At FittQ we have certified and experienced Yoga Gurus, if you are seeking personal training then they will visit your home as per your timings and teach you right postures.

Start building your activity quotient now. We urge you to start right away. May it be aerobic or anaerobic exercise but start now. Let's begin the #FitIndiaMovement now.

If you have any doubts further then do contact FittQ we are there to help you.

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