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How to be strong with New Year Resolution !

So you have already made your New Year Resolution! Congratulations for that.

Happy New Year to everyone from FittQ Blog. The year has started and everyone is ready with the list of their resolutions. A new year is considered as new beginning and hence people are excited to turn new page of their lives with a new resolution. This is a time to make a fresh start and leave the bad habits behind.

Resolutions are great to make and no doubt they excite you but keeping them strong is troublesome. We falter as lot and struggle to maintain the enthusiasm till the end. The way they say resolutions are made to be broken.

Our team at FittQ Blog has jotted down few pointers which will help you to stay strong throughout your resolution.

Is your goal realistic?

Check if your goal is realistic enough. If you aim to lose weight and decide to achieve your BMI within a month say you decide to lose 10kgs in mere 1month then you are making a grave mistake. It will either affect your health or your mind. Don’t take unrealistic goals as resolution.

Then what should I do instead? Understand the goal thoroughly and plan accordingly in advance. The best way is to write down your goal and way to achieve it.

Is your goal challenging?

The goal should stretch you. It should help you to increase your bandwidth. If you decide to walk only for 10 minutes for a day and actually have capacity to walk 30 minutes then your goal is not challenging enough and you need to rethink it.

Then what should I do instead? Understand yourself from within. You have immense potential. Keep leveraging your goal up and make it challenging.

How many resolutions you have?

You are a multitasker by nature and want to achieve everything within this year only. Don’t be greedy. Don’t do injustice to yourself by attempting too many resolutions at a time.

Then what should I do instead? Focus on one goal at a time. Just be clear and keep only one resolution for this year. That’s it.

Announce it to your friends and family

Have you announced your resolutions to your well-wishers. It is best to make it known to everyone.

How it helps? This helps in them reminding you about your resolution and keeping you on track.

Move slowly towards the goals

Take baby steps. Remember you have to eat this elephant.

How it helps? This helps in avoiding unnecessary stress in the process.

Accept failure and move on

These are just initial days of resolution. If you feel failed due to not following your resolution then there is still good news for you. The good news is you can any moment resume the resolution.

How it helps? Don’t be emotional about your resolution. Just find ways to work it out. If you have stopped following it then just resume it. Keep moving just don’t give up that easy.

Revive the motivation

Nobody can motivate you but you yourself. Be the light for yourself. There will be time when you will neglect of tempt to forget the resolution but then just gather all your courage and patience and get on track.

How it works? The best motivation is transformation.

Celebrate small success

The most beautiful thing about a resolution is not in achieving it but the journey itself. Enjoy it fully. Celebrate every small change that you see in yourself.

How it works? Try this and answer yourself. We are eagerly waiting for your replies. is your partner in building your Fitness Quotient. We provide personal and corporate wellness on fitness of Body, Mind and Soul.

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