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Happy Diwali but stay happily on your diet too: 11 tips to have #dietwalidiwali

Every year Diwali brings new wave of optimism and happiness to us and our loved ones. Diwali is not just festival of lights but also a festival of sweets and feasts which involve high calorie intake. So every time it becomes tougher for fitness enthusiasts on diet.

You can be on the diet the whole year but during Diwali it becomes next to impossible to stay on the course. The Laddoos, Mithai, Fried Namkeens, Diwali feast parties with loved ones, with so many distractions during Diwali, FittQ encourages you to enjoy #dietwalidiwali but at the same time gives you some important tips to keep focus on your diet goals.

11 Tips to have #dietwalidiwali:

1. Keep your Protein intake up:

Keep your protein intake in check. As drop in protein intake leads to cravings for junk food. Most of your cravings for fried delicacies and sweets will be gone if you keep your protein intake in check.

2. Make healthy replacements:

Make healthy replacements like eat cut fruits instead of sweets. Use dryfruits like dates and almonds to replace the regular sweets. Murmura can be replacement for chivdas. Jaggery in less quantities can be replacement for using sugar. Even sugar free options like stevia can be used as replacement to sugar. Use healthy flour like Soya flour which is high in protein to replace the traditional flours used in the delicacies.

3. Drink plenty of water:

Most of the time we are thirsty but mistaken the thirst for hunger and keep eating. During festival period when food is abundantly available we have to drink plenty of water to subside the hunger feeling.

4. Do not store the sweets and delicacies:

Buy only the sweets in small quantities so that you don’t end up overeating just for the sake of finishing it up.

5. Make resolution of health on each day of Diwali:

Make a plan and add new resolution of exercise or quit some unhealthy junk food on the days of Diwali. You can decide to walk or run at least 2km every day on the Diwali days and may go on adding a kilometer to it every day. Make a resolution to eat more vegetable each day.

6. Do not skip your gym:

Do not skip the gym unless it is closed due to Diwali. When the gym is closed on any particular day then add home-workout to your exercise routine on that day.

7. Eat protein enriched food before going to Diwali party:

It is better to eat something high on protein before going out to eat with friends and family. This trick will help you to control binge eating and your body will thank you for this. Also be really aware about the quantities and portions of food that you have in such parties. Remember calories in is not equal to calories out. Which means you do not burn the same calories that you take in, so no extra exercise is going to help you to burn the extra calories that you had in the Diwali party.

8. Avoid drinking alcohol:

Diwali is an auspicious occasion and alcohol just cant go well with this. So avoid drinking during this period. If you must drink then limit yourself to a peg or two. Each peg has around 300 to 400 calories and opens gate to eating filthy food along with it. So be responsible and decide what you want.

9. Be very firm or be very tactful:

Diwali is a festival where you meet lot of people in your family and friend circle. You meet people who are not themselves aware about the fitness and enjoy pulling legs of people who are in the fitness journey. These people mean no harm but they can distract you from your diet goals for some time. Remember you have to stand for your own good. If you are traveling to your native place, be extra cautious about this as the motherly love can trap you into situations where you might cross the limits and give up on your diet goals. Just be tactful or be very firm but don’t give up your diet goals.

10. Diwali is a festival of giving:

Diwali is a festival of not just receiving gifts but it is about giving to the less fortunate people as well. Make the most of this and give away all the sweets and chocolates that you receive to the underprivileged ones. You can bring happiness to someone else without ruining your own.

11. Remember that Diwali will be over:

Remember this very important fact of life that Diwali will end one day and hence do not do anything that you will repent later.

We hope that these 11 points help you to have a truly #dietwalidiwali , wish you and your family a super fit Diwali this season. If you have any queries regarding diet then please connect to FittQ on +91 9892866356.

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