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De-Tox your Body, Mind & SoulDe-Tox your Body, Mind & Soul

"Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul." - Wayne Dyer.

We hear lot about de-tox of Body, Mind & Soul but have no clues about what it is? Don't worry, we are sharing simple lifestyle change pointers which can help. Now let’s look at what can be good lifestyle pointers for De-Tox of your Body, Mind & Soul:

Good lifestyle pointers for Morning:

 Start the day before sun rise

 Stretch your body on getting up & take deep breaths

 Drink a glass of lukewarm water even before brushing


 Eat soaked almonds or fenugreek

 Eat banana or apple

 Meditate for at least 10mins

 Chat with yourself

 Exercise for at least 20mins in sunlight

 Have a good local breakfast high on protein

Good lifestyle pointers for the day:

 Maintain good body hygiene

 Plan your day ahead

 Keep moving, don’t sit at one place for more than 45


 Maintain good body posture

 Keep smiling and practise mindfulness

 Follow your lunch timings & follow quantified balanced


 Drink a glass of water at every interval

 Learn to say No

 Appreciate the nature: the wind, skies, rains, flowers,

scenery etc.

 Avoid eating outside

 Chat with a friend & laugh as much as you can

Good lifestyle pointers for the night:

 Practise light exercise &/or Play with kids

 Avoid screen time

 Eat your dinner on time and with family

 Chat with your spouse, kids & family and laugh as much

as you can

 Retrospect the good memories of the whole day

 Maintain good body hygiene

 Go to bed after at least 3 hours from the dinner

 Relax, close your eyes and meditate for 10mins

 Sleep for at least 8 hours and wake up again before the

sun rise and follow the routine again.

Follow these pointers and see a great positive change in your life.

For more details contact FittQGurus.

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