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Poor Sleep Quotient can affect your success.

In last article we read about what is Fitness Quotient and the important factors which determine the Fitness Quotient, now we will understand the first important factor – “Sleep Quotient”

The Quantity and Quality both matter a lot in Sleep Quantity. Low Sleep Quotient not only leads to physical health issues but leads to mental issues as well. Low Sleep Quotient leads to weight gain and poor eating habits.

Sleep Quotient:

For how many hours do you sleep in night?

a. 4 to 6 hours

b. 7 to 8 hours

c. 9 to 10 hours

Do you get undisturbed night sleep?

· Yes

· No

If your answer for firs question is either a or c and answer for second question is ‘No’ then your sleep quantity and quality is not enough which means your body is not well rested.

You are not having a sound sleep pattern, which means you will not score up to the mark on Sleep Quotient.

Even sleeping for long hours is not a good sign and shows bad sleeping pattern.

The most immediate effect you have is heavy headedness throughout the day. Some visible signs that appear are bad condition of hair, skin, nails and eyes.

Low Sleep Quotient results in poor immunity and you will fall sick often.

Other issues related to low Sleep Quotient are:

· Weight Gain

· Affected Concentration

· Cancerous Tumors

· Sexual Problems

· Poor Mental Health

· Increased stress

· Anxiety

· Alzheimer

Sleep Quotient is related to the body clock and any imbalance in it results in poor fitness levels.

You will observe that all sport persons focus on higher Sleep Quotient to improve their performance on ground.

Sleep is very essential for our body’s recovery and repair. The R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep state or the deep sleep state is responsible for this.

Sleep pattern follows a Circadian Rhythm or body clock and hence you will find that when you work opposite of it your wellness goes for a toss.

Madhuri was a call centre employee working on night shift in Mumbai. She was 27yo, height around 5.3’ but weighed around 64kgs. When the whole Mumbai was fast asleep she was working in her office. She used to reach home by 5am and would try to sleep by then but the noises and sunlight outside would make it worse for her. We helped her to make some important changes in lifestyle by changing her diet and helped her with a Hypnosis which helped her to great extent. She fought her obesity and became fit.

FittQGurus helped her to beat the body cycle and still become fit. is a fitness consultancy which provides Personal Training and Corporate Wellness. follow : or call on 9892866356

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