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Mindfulness : The need of the hour

This is a great article written by Dr. Sukhmeet on Mindfulness on the occasion of 10th October,

The World Mental Health Day. Today's youth is living in situations which were not prevalent

earlier. The technology has brought the world closer but at the same time has created a drift in

the families, which makes today's youth lonely and particularly vulnerable to mental distress

and illness.


My son, who is thirteen years of age, happens to mention to me one day that “Mom,

three- fourth of our 8th Standard visits the counselor in our school due to a world of

issues” and he actually put me to thought after that moment.

Being a mother of a teenager, a doctor and a Life Coach myself, I do understand the

various issues that the adolescent today goes through Emotional Disturbances, such as

anger, frustration, irritation, anxiety, relationship issues, distractions, addictions, harmful

use of substances etc.

I pondered over the thought as to what would it be, that could be of help to improve their

coping skills, build resilience, helping them become aware of their emotions and being

able to deal with them.

Thinking about the future brings on Anxiety and Panic and thinking about the Past brings

on sadness, regrets, depression. Living in the present, ‘Being in the Here and Now’ is what

is required.

In this era of growing awareness of importance of Mental Health, MINDFULNESS today,

is a ‘MUST’ more than a ‘SHOULD’ to facilitate Self Awareness, Self-Regulation and Self-Management.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness the Awareness that arises through paying attention on purpose, in the

present moment, non-judgmental for self-understanding as if your life was dependent

on it.

It is a Commitment that you make towards yourself

It is actually reclaiming your life

It’s all about How well we can purposefully direct attention and behavior, make effective decisions, enhance our capacity to embrace change and thereby manage stress be more

flexible mentally and to switch strategies as per the need of the hour

‘How can we Tame the Beast of our Strong Emotions’

Benefits of Mindfulness

· Improves Awareness, Concentration

· Reduces stress, pain

· Help reduce Depression and anxiety

· Improves your Energy levels

· Improves Creativity

· Improves Relationships

· Improves your Immunity levels ultimately

How can we start being

more Mindful?

1. Set aside Sometime for yourself each day

2. Be in the ‘HERE and NOW’ in the present moment leaving all your thoughts aside

(without any Judgments )

3. Enjoy the sounds of nature-the chirping of the birds, flowers, trees, smiles of the lovely

people around and all the other beautiful things

4. Let all the thoughts coming to your mind, your prejudices just pass by (while become


5. Gently come back to your mindful state

6. Each day would be better and easier than the previous one gradually it becomes


7. By gently coming back to the mindful state, one can break the pattern of wandering

thoughts and get your mind back. Repetition of the same, becomes a system a pattern of

your functioning and it runs on an Autopilot mode

Blog written by:

Dr Sukhmeet K. Kalsi

Homeopathy, NLP Practitioner, Brain Reprogramming Expert, Guru is a fitness consultancy which provides fitness consultation for Personal Training and Corporate Wellness. follow :

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Juzer Master
Juzer Master
Oct 10, 2018

Absolutely... Jawesome

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