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Build your Mind Quotient with FittQ Brain Reprogramming

Its world mental health day and FittQ talks about how you can increase your Mind Quotient through Brain Reprogramming.

Have you read a book in a last week?

· Yes

· No

Do you regret any mistake of the past?

· Yes

· No

Are you worried about your future?

· Yes

· No

Do you feel like not going to work on Mondays?

· Yes

· No

If most of your answers to above questions are in negative then it’s time to work upon your Mind Quotient.

20:20:20 Theory:

Follow the 20:20:20 Theory. As per this theory every morning spend 20 minutes on Physical Activity, 20 minutes of Meditation and 20 minutes of Book Reading. Yes, this is the simplest form of improving your Mind Quotient.

Involve daily on exercising and deep breathing whenever possible.

Many of the times someone’s phone rings and we start looking for our phone, this is a kind of stress that we are suffering in today’s time. In corporate world, performance matters a lot and that itself brings stress to the employee. Most of the time in corporate world in target setting your ‘What’ and ‘How’ are answered but ‘Why’ is given very low importance. In such cases the employees have huge targets to achieve but are very less equipped with why it is important to achieve.

Stress has worse impact on body which leads to anxiety, low concentration levels, low memory, bad eating habits, smoking and drinking habits, low immunity and other lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol etc.

Every employee is first a human. Besides the workload and responsibilities, he carries lot of burden on his shoulder like marital issues, parenting issues, relationship issues, illness of someone at home; his/her own health worries etc.

At FittQ we have different approach to the Mind Quotient. FittQ has certified and experienced Psychotherapists who help you give a better perspective of the situations you are going through and a better attitude towards life.

FittQ : Brain Reprogramming Programme:

Brain Reprogramming involves 3 stages:

1) Find your ‘Why’

2) Changing the thought process

3) Changing the habits

4) Taking action for Brain Reprogramming

5) Take help of the professionals

1. Find your ‘Why’

It is very important to find your ‘Why’. What do you expect from life? As Tony Robbins, Author and Life Coach said, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you have always gotten.” If you want something bigger from life you have to go big in your efforts.

First of all find ‘Why’ you want it. As Napoleon Hill says “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe; it can achieve.”

In his great book, ‘Start with Why”, author Simon Sinek says imagine you are at home or at office and you are asked to move ahead from wherever you are standing right now. You will just move ahead and when some impediment comes in between you will just stop there. But when you are asked to move to a specific point you are given a purpose, now you know your ‘Why’ and then you reach to that point come what may. Since your existence you know your “What” – which means what you have to do, you know your “How” – which you learn or are told by the experienced people around but do you know your “Why”.

Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos once said to his employees that “I am more interested in the divinely discontent consumers.” This clears the purpose of Amazon to take care of even the discontent consumers by satisfying their needs. When you are so clear about your purpose you are ready to move mountains.

Before starting the “Brain Reprogramming” you should toil hard to find your purpose and then embark the process of “Brain Reprogramming.”

2. Changing the thought process:

a) Evaluate your thoughts as a third person: When you are facing some situation you feel that it is unique and no one else has ever gone through such situation before but this is an illusion that your mind creates. In this illusion you feel that there is no solution to it. What if this situation is happening with your friend and he comes to you for advice? What advice will you offer him? Just give the same advice to yourself.

b) Understand your thinking process: Is it the situation or a particular to be blamed or is it me? Understand your own thinking process. Do you always need someone as a support or as a scapegoat? Evaluate some past situations when you were in dilemma. Are there patterns in your thinking process which you can identify? Scrutinize your thoughts.

c) Realise the cause and effect: As it works in the Laws of Motion the same way it works in life, “Every action has equal and opposite reaction.” Whatever action you take or do not take will have some reaction in short term or long term. Think about the consequences of your action, but act you must.

d) Control your reaction: “You are overreacting” “Don’t jump the gun” “Don’t reach to conclusion” do you hear these often? Practice patience. Count 1 to 10 before you react to the situation. Do you fight or flight in the situation? Can you handle the situation in different manner? The greatest Sachin Tendulkar, the god of cricket always had more than 1 shot for every ball that he faced. Have you evaluated your options before reacting?

e) Value the words: Words can kill. Words are the deadliest weapons. WhatsApp allows deleting the words this is boon to a WhatsApp user. Do you use negative words like ‘Can’t’ ‘Won’t’ ‘Don’t’ often? Then replace them with the positive ones. Tell yourself that you can do anything. Just say the magic word ‘It’s easy for me’ and see the miracle.

f) Create positive habits: As shown in Charles Duhing’s book “The Power of Habits”, the best way to get rid of bad habits is to replace them with the good ones. The best way to get rid of worst habit like smoking is to start running, for that matter whenever you get cravings for smoking just run for at least 7 minutes and see what it does to you. People around will get surprised and ask you why you are running, just answer I love running.

3. Changing the habits:

a. Kill the urge: Just kill the urge. If you have cravings for outside fast food and the restaurant is on your way back home then simply change the road, take a detour but avoid that place. Delete the food apps like Zomato and Swiggy. Avoid the friends who make you walk to the tea stall to have cigarette with a cup of tea.

b. Know the triggers: Understand the triggers. If eating spicy food triggering the urge to drink cold drink then avoid eating spicy food. If binge watching on mobile late in the night affecting your sleep then simply switch off the phone at 10pm.

c. Work on the willpower: Build your willpower by just giving up the things that you like. Delete app of Facebook. If you truly want to use it for some really god damn urgent purpose then log in through the website. Avoid drinking on the very day when all your friends are meeting for a party. The best way to do it is go on some religious fasting on the same day. Yes, Religion works like Opium as said by Karl Marx.

d. Positivity is the key: Keep hopes alive. Always believe that something great will happen out of all adversities. Today’s pain will be tomorrows gain. Even after weeks of diet and exercise you feel that you are not getting visible results then don’t lose hope keep up the effort. Most of the time people give up when they are just inches away from the success. Keep yourself positive. Remember, “The good days are here again”.

e. Meditate: Meditation is the greatest gift of Yoga to the humanity. Don’t give up. It is not like sleeping. Just be at it. On day one you will close your eyes but will get disturbed by the pain of sitting for long at one place. On day two you will close your eyes and will hear lot of voices around and will get disturbed. On day three you will keep hearing your inner thoughts and distractions the worries about the day ahead but still don’t give up. Keep doing it and the day will arrive when you will master it. Meditation is not about shutting your mind of thoughts but helping your mind to segregate, select and departmentalise the thoughts as per their importance. If you have never done it then start it immediately.

4. Taking action for Brain Reprogramming

a. Negative thoughts are useless: Negative thoughts yield nothing. They are very heavy and put heavy burden on your mind. Most of the time the fear that they generate is not real at all. It is trick of the funny organ called brain to deceive you and keep you in the comfort zone. The best way to fight negative thoughts is to embrace action. As told by the lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita to Arjuna, “Work is Worship”.

b. Understand the GIGO principal: GIGO is Garbage In Garbage Out. If we let negativity in through all our senses then our mind will yield negative thoughts only. Your eyes, tongue, skin, ears, nose are your important 5 senses, control what negativity they are inviting to your mind and on the other hand try inviting positivity through these senses and see wonders.

c. Be a believer: Be a strong believer that you can reprogram your brain. As Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the Change you want to see in the world.” The change that you want in your situation, in your marital life, your work life, in your kids, your spouse, your team, your superiors, and your organisation starts from one person. You are responsible for your situation. Believe in yourself.

As said by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.” If you think you can run a half marathon you will run at the same time if you think you can’t run a half marathon you will not run. Just believe you can.

d. Challenge your thoughts: Don’t accept what your mind gives you. Don’t accept what others have told you about you since your childhood. Don’t accept others story as yours. They could not do it because they never believed they could. You are new person you are not the person you were few seconds back. If he or she can do it then you also can do it.

e. Be committed to the change: Once you are on the roll don’t look back. You are on a totally new pathway now. If you have to give up spending time with your friends and family because of this change then also do it because your biggest commitment is to yourself. You took birth on this planet for your own benefit. If you can’t benefit yourself then you simply cannot benefit others. Commit yourself to this greater cause of self-actualization and never look back.

5. Take help of the professional:

You can do your own “Brain Reprogramming, but remember no surgeon does his own surgery. When you have help around and just a call away why do you trouble? There are certain nitty-gritties of human mind which should be solved by the certified and experienced experts only. FittQ has certified and experienced psychologists to help you with your Brain Reprogramming.

Remember, you are not alone. The help is just a call away. Talk to a professional, who is trained to understand your situation.

I am happy that you reached to this part of the article. This is the beginning of new you. I am sure the commitment that you showed in reading this article is the commitment that you will show in building your Mind Quotient.

Remember our mission is to create a strong ecosystem for wellness in corporate world and in their families through personal training but we simply cannot do it without your support.

Team FittQ is all geared up for executing our programmes at your premise/home.

Kindly feel free to contact us. We are just a call away.

Till then Stay Fit Stay Healthy!

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