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Yogaarit Slikesity Capsules help to get rid of unncessary fats and obesity. 


This will also help you to get rid of toxics and dirt in your body. It also helps in skin tightening.


This will provide you excellent health benefits and improve your health in many folds.

Yogaarit Slikesity Capsules - 30caps

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  • Ayurvedic Proprietory Medicine

    Who Should Use this?

    • One who wants to remain fit

    • who wants to get rid of unncessary fats and obesity

    • who has stressful life

    • who has family hisotry of heart / blood pressure / sugar ailments

    Health Benefits:

    • It helps in burning of unnecessary fats in body.

    • It helps to get rid of old gas and bloating issue.

    • It helps to improve blood circulation and functioning of Heart and Kidney.

    • It helps to reduce side effects of chemicals / allopathic medicines on body.


    1 - 2 Capsules three times a day


    Store in dark and cool place . No refrigeration required. Use within 40 days after opening bottle.


    Medohar Vidangadi Loh, Mahayograj Guggul, Nagarmotha, Lasuna Shuddha, Neem Patra, Methi, Triphala, Arjuna

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