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Welcome to the #NSEITGetsFit Challenge contest 

•   #NSEITGetsFitChallenge is your intra-office contest for your own employees. 

•    FittQ is the Fitness Partner for the #NSEITGetsFitChallenge for the employees for the next 8 weeks, starting from 14th July 2022 to 9th Sep 2022

•   Join and get Free Diet Consultation

•   This will be a collection of weekly challenges in various spheres of the fitness

•   The challenges focus on different aspects of a healthy life like mind, body, diet and sleep.

•   There will be weekly Fitness sessions for the employees

•   The participants will win points on completion of these weekly challenges and on attending the weekly sessions

•   The participants positive growth will be measured with FittQ’s unique Test that measures “Fitness Quotient” [All contestants will take “Fitness Quotient Test” before and at the end of the contest]

•  The Challenge is all about employee transformation and building Fitness Quotient

•   Parameters of #NSEITGetsFit Challenge will be as follows:

          1) Improvement in Fitness Quotient Test score

          2) Improvement in BMI (Body Mass Index)

          3) Improvement in Body Fat %

          4) Completion of Fitness Challenge

          5) Attending the live sessions

What is Fitness Quotient? (Take the Test now)

At, we have developed a unique “Fitness Quotient Test”. This test can be taken by any individual to understand the fitness levels at given point in time. The test shows not only the fitness condition but also gives the numerical score to understand the scope of improvement.


At, we analyse “Fitness Quotient” through 5 important parameters, Sleep, Water intake, Nutrition, Activity and Mindfulness.

We believe, there is always a room to develop your fitness level on one or all of the many fitness parameters.. and we have you covered!

Take Fitness Quotient Test now

(Commit to be Fit! Transform and win exiting prizes.)

• Take this Fitness Quotient Test before 17th of July to register and enter the contest

• Get Free Diet Consultation by entering the contest.

• The participants will be shared with the BMR and Fat% details

[Multiply your score by 4 and that is your FQ Score in percentage] 
Fitness Quotient    Result
A. Less than 35% - Get out of the bed
B. 35% - 60% - Pull up your socks
C. 61% - 80% -  Just one more Rep
D. 81% - 90% - Almost there!
E. 91% & Above - Keep it Up!


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Fitness Programmes

No. 1

Corporate Wellness Programme

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