Welcome to the "FittQChallenge" contest for NSEIT

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•   “FittQ Challenge” is your intra-office contest for your own employees. [Immediate family of the employee can also take part if the company permits]

•    FittQ to create a Fitness Challenge “FittQChallenge” for the employees of Company for the next 8 weeks, starting from 23rd April to 17th June 2021

•   This will be a collection of weekly challenges in various spheres of the fitness

•   The challenges will grow from Body & Diet and will take the participants to building mental health

•   There will be weekly Fitness sessions for the employees

•   The participants will win points on completion of these weekly challenges and on attending the weekly sessions

•   The growth in the participants will be positive and measurable with FittQ’s unique Test that measures “Fitness Quotient” [All contestants will take “Fitness Quotient Test” before and at the end of the contest]

•   The other criteria for winning the challenge will be perfecting the BMI and Body Fat%

•   FittQChallenge is all about employee transformation and building Fitness Quotient

•   Parameters of FittQChallenge for NSEIT will be as follows:

•                              1) Improvement in Fitness Quotient Test score

•                              2) Improvement in BMI (Body Mass Index)

•                              3) Improvement in Body Fat %

•                              4) Completion of FittQChallenge

•                              5) Attending the live sessions

What is Fitness Quotient? (Take the Test now)

You are aware of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and you keep hearing about IQ Test scores. It is used majorly to understand Intelligence which denotes potential of future growth. Similarly you have heard about Emotional Quotient (EQ) which helps predict mental makeup of an individual.

Various classifications through these tests categorize individuals. Eg in IQ Tests considering median score of 100 as average and score of 140 and above is considered genius while score of 24 and below is considered as challenged.


These tests help predict the outcomes in life. They help to predict the degree of success that an individual will attain in life.

At FittQ.com, with similar approach, we have developed a unique “Fitness Quotient Test”. This test can be given by any individual to understand the fitness levels at given point of time. The test shows not only the fitness condition but also gives the numerical score to understand the scope of improvement.


At FittQ.com, we analyse “Fitness Quotient” through 5 important parameters, Sleep, Water intake, Nutrition, Activity, Mindfulness, and Prevention.

There are different parameters to the test but excelling in all parameter and performing poorly even in single parameter is still  scope for improvement.

Take Fitness Quotient Test now

(You did superb. Now please take following test before 29th June 2021 to know how you did in the contest)

• Fitness Quotient Test was given by you  at the beginning of the contest.

• Now please give the final test before 29th June 2021, 12am midnight.

• The Final Test score will be shared with you before 5th July 2021, while the list of winners will be shared with your HR


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Corporate Wellness Programme